No πŸ‘Ž more alcohol.

I stopped drinking 🍷 13 days ago. Moving to Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ has it’s benefits but the last couple of months was just too much cerveza Y vinos 🍷.

This positive new habit made me rethink about bringing Hahabits back to life. It currently has 450 users πŸ‘», but isn’t used on a daily basis⏳ by most of them. It’s still missing some features I would like to add πŸ€”.

Hahabits is an app I’ve created a few months ago. It now is a web app and I’m thinking πŸ€” about building it on Telegram so it can be used on any device. Also a chat πŸ’­ function would be nice πŸ‘. To help eachoter with positive habits.

Time to create positive habits again! πŸ™

hahabits habits